• Never again WANTING something that you can't have.

  • Never again looking at someone's else's life and thinking "I wish that was me".

  • Never again feeling small, unimportant, invisible and like you don't matter.

  • Never again saying "I can't afford it"

  • Never again saying "I'll be happy when..."

  • Never again waking up dreading the day ahead.

  • Never again tolerating misery, boredom or prolonged sadness

  • Never again feeling hopeless and helpless.


Imagine Instead:

  • Having the courage to say "SCREW IT, LET'S DO IT!" In the words of Richard Branson!

  • Being the most high vibe, UNAPOLOGETIC version of you!

  • Shedding your old skin and stepping into YOUR NEW MANIFESTED REALITY!

  • Realising your unlimited POWER & POTENTIAL to create your own reality.

  • Attracting endless POSSIBILITIES the sky's the limit.

  • Seeing something that you want and saying YES without a second thought!

  • Manifesting what you truly want regardless of your BLOCKS & LIMITATIONS!

  • Manifesting £1000's on demand!

  • Actually GOING on your dream vacation and traveling the world on YOUR TERMS!

  • Having outrageous FUN & SUCCESS in your business or career!

  • TURNING HEADS with your new found confidence and sexy vibes!

  • Having an abundance of HIGH VIBE, LIKEMINDED, FUN friends to laugh, play and adventure with!

When you join 30 Days Of Happy you are embarking on an immersive experience into MIA - Manifesting In Action!

30 Days Of Confidence!

30 Days Of Saying YES to LIFE!

30 Days Of Manifestation!

30 Days Of HAPPY!!


The truth is, you have all the answers within you NOW. You have the ability, the power and magic inside of you to create your own reality, to mould your life experience to the most delicious and fabulous ways imaginable... you are a truly magnificent, genius creator.


It's time you started to believe it!


It takes just 10 minutes a day to completely rebuild your life in a way that FEELS amazing to you and seems unbelievable to those around you!


When you begin to tap into your true power, you step into the flow of life, the flow of abundance, ease and fun.


Life seems magical and it feels as though the universe is conspiring to fulfil all of your wishes and desires.

It all starts with you saying YES to feeling good, YES to happiness and YES to a life that you truly LOVE.


You are a worthy being and the universe WANTS you to succeed, it wants you to believe in yourself and your dreams!

During this program you will receive 30 Daily inspirational audio lessons and journaling exercises that will guide you towards the self confidence, self belief and inspiration that will help you to manifest your desires with ease!



Discover the art of transmuting :

- Self doubt into Unshakeable Confidence
- Anxiety into Excitement
- Fear Into Success
- Your Dreams into Your Tangible Reality!

Topics include:

Day 1: Allowing

- Often feeling anxious, frustrated or disappointed? Discover how to start ALLOWING the manifestation of your desires by turning up the feel good factor and relaxing with this guided meditation.

Day 2 : Receptive mode

- Discover how to allow your goals to manifest into reality WITHOUT the struggle and striving. This is all about ease baby!

Day 3: Your Path of least resistance

- Feeling unworthy of your desires? This lesson will show you why it’s your responsibility to bring your desires to life, get out of your own way and allow the path to be revealed to you!

Day 4: Your life purpose

- Do you ever feel directionless in life? Still trying to discover the meaning of your life and what you’re really supposed to be doing… this lesson holds the answers.

Day 5: Self Care

- Are you a people pleaser? Always giving away your energy and left feeling drained? It’s time to start taking care of you, boo! This lesson will show you how.. without spending a fortune or sacrificing time away from your priorities!

Day 6: Your creative talents

- Ready to raise your vibration and manifest your desires? Then it’s time to tap into your natural creative abilities.. yes you ARE a creative person, despite what you might believe about yourself.

Day 7: Facing Forward

- One of my personal favourite topics, still holding onto shit from the past? It’s time to start facing forward in the direction of your new life to manifest it quickly and with ease… here’s how!

Day 8: Reinvent Yourself

- This is a juicy one! Hear the story of how I woke up one morning and decided to be as successful as Madonna.. and how you can too!

Day 9: Inspired Idea’s

- Feeling blocked around manifesting your desires? In this lesson you’ll discover how to begin receiving inspiration that will lead you right to the lover, the money, the success, the home or anything else you wish to manifest!

Day 10: Blocks & Resistance

- Do you often feel negative emotions? Worry, stress, anxiety? If so then you’re blocking your manifestations, in this lesson you will discover how to deal with and dissolve negative emotions that block your manifestations.

Day 11: Now

- Ready to manifest your dream home, relationship, business or body like, yesterday? In this lesson you will learn a POWERFUL manifestation technique that I personally use when bringing my desires to reality! Get ready to be blown away!

Day 12: Visualisation

- Discover the TRUTH about visualisation and my favourite visualisation technique that I used to manifest a relationship and amazing travel!

Day 13: Validation

- Ready to sky rocket your confidence, get real with yourself about what you TRULY want and have the tenacity to go get it.. then today’s lesson is for you!

Day 14: Law Of Polarity

- Discover the power of focusing your attention and energy to quickly and effortlessly manifest your desires while having more fun and experiencing more freedom in your life!

Day 15: Self Love

- The core basis of confidence, manifesting, worthiness… this lesson is EVERYTHING. Plus a fun ritual to release anything that is holding you back from the life that you desire! ....




Business Mentor James Wedmore & I in Laguna Beach, California!

Business Mentor James Wedmore & I in Laguna Beach, California!

I'm so passionate about this program because I used these EXACT principles, exercises and methods to go from deeply depressed, anxious with suicidal thoughts, living on government benefits, living in constant struggle...


To tapping into unlimited abundance, owning my self worth, increasing my confidence and inner peace, manifesting thousands of pounds, funding and support for my business, luxury travel to meet my dream mentor,  fulfilling my DREAM of attending an Abraham Hicks Cruise, support with my children and fabulous high vibe friends and peers!

On Board The Abraham Hicks, French Riviera Cruise, 2017! 


This 30 day program is a content rich roadmap for easily and effortlessly manifesting your desires into reality!

(And the best part it’s ONLY £99!)


This program is a true investment into your self, your happiness, dreams and success in life.

When you invest in YOU, the universe hears it loud and clear!



1. How much time will this take?

You can expect to dedicate around 30 minutes per day listening to the audio and then doing the exercise. Think what 30 minutes of daily self development work will do for your mindset, your happiness and your life!

2. What is included in the program?

30 Daily inspiring audio lessons with an impactful journaling exercise delivered to your inbox via EMAIL.

3. What results can I expect?

Massive shifts and realisations will occur throughout this program as you discover things about yourself you never knew! You will learn the art of manifesting your desires no matter how big or small and you will feel confident enough to say yes to your dreams!

4. Can I join if I'm new to manifesting?

Sure thing!

You always have 2 choices in life and to quote Abraham Maslow "You will either step forward into growth or back into safety"


It's time to take charge of your happiness, take control of your life and become the person you truly want to be.


I look forward to seeing you on the inside,


Much love,

Carly xo