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Gorgeous Woman,


Are you playing the supporting role in your life when you know you should be the STAR?


Are you living your life pleasing everybody else, caring for everyone else's needs, while your own dreams, desires and yearnings are pushed down, packed away into a corner of your mind where you don't have to face them?...


You push away your desires, so that you don't have to look at them, for fear that they may actually reflect back to you the truth you have been so desperately avoiding...


The truth that you're unhappy.


Deeply unhappy and dissatisfied in your life. 



You're not thriving but merely surviving in doing what you know to do right now, going through the motions day to day... 


You feel out of place in your own life, you feel like a square peg trying to fit into the round hole...


You just can't... each day that passes becomes that much more painful as you watch your life pass you by and your dreams slowly drift away.


You know you're meant for greatness, you know you're meant to DO MORE, BE MORE in your lifetime but yet you're stuck...


You can't seem to get over the inner doubt, the fear, insecurity and what if's.


You hear the voice from the bullies back at school telling you that you're stupid, fat, ugly, not good enough.


Their comments are still playing out in your head...


The comments from an unsupportive parent or abusive partner, still lingering, still creeping into your mind making you doubt yourself at every turn.


Am I really good enough, can I really do this?


Yes you can divine goddess, YES YOU CAN.


I created this 8 week immersion for YOU, the woman who is ready to say BYE BYE once and for all to the low confidence, the self doubt, the playing small and timid in her life...

I see the greatness within you, I see that star within you, the woman who knows that she's meant to be doing something AMAZING with her life, leading the way for others, living a life with no limits to the amount of fun, joy, pleasure, ease, abundance, adventure, romance and co-creation she can experience.

I see the unlimited and untapped potential, abilities and genius that lies within you now.


Divine feminine creator.


You have powers within you that would astound even the greatest scientists and philosophers, not to mention everyone around you who will be watching in amazement, jaws gaping on the floor, as your dreams unfold before you, as if by magic... 


They'll say:


"How is she doing that?

What is the glow, that aura around her?

What does she know that I don't?

How can I do that too?"


My Before & After Transformation


You see, I know that you have desires and a dream that is so exciting and so big that it actually terrifies you.


It feels so real but at the exact same time seems so unrealistic.


The problem is divine one, that you don't yet feel worthy of your dreams and desires.


You don't yet feel like the star you are born to be, so your dream seems like just that.. a dream.


But I want you to consider this...


You and I have been given different dreams, different visions, our own unique desires as individual and intricate as each of your fingerprints, or snowflakes that falls from the sky.

I can't live your dream and you can't live mine.


Your dream is yours, your desires are yours and they WANT to be expressed through you as much as you desire them.


The lifestyle, the travel, adventure, the freedom, the dream career, the mission, the impact on the world, the abundance, the romance, the divine body and health, the radiant confidence and glowing energy.


It's all within you now. Waiting to be unleashed.


However your current life, your current reality is what is keeping you from living your dream reality.


You Must First Become The STAR...


Carly -98.jpg

...and then watch the movie of your life play out in the most delicious, divine ways, that you can't even fathom right now.


Oh the fun to be had, oh the plot twists, oh the friendships, the adventures, the tall, dark and handsome strangers.


Become the star of your life and your dreams will become your reality.


Your dreams will surprise and delight you and you will soon discover that you, my dear, hold the power that literally creates the screenplay of your life...


and YOU have the power to create your reality, as you desire it to be.


Are you ready?


Here's what we cover over our 8 weeks together:


Week 1.  Confidence:


In becoming the star of your life, you must become the most confident version of you!


We cover:

  • Releasing the fear of judgement from others.
  • Releasing the need for approval and acceptance of others.
  • Release the stories inherited from our past that keeps us stuck and bound in smallness.
  • What confidence actually is and how to embody and embrace the greatness that exists within you.
  • By the end of this lesson you will feel cleansed, renewed and like a new you, ready to take on the world!


Week 2: Self Acceptance/ Self Love


We cover:

  • Mining for the good in you! 
  • Identifying your inner mean girl and healing the relationship between you and you.
  • Uncovering the truth about who you truly are and the many ways and reasons to love yourself more now.
  • Healing and replacing old patterns and behaviours that show up as a result of low self esteem, with new empowered thoughts, feelings and habits that make you feel AMAZING and form healthy habits that bring your dreams to life with ease!
  • Self love rituals that will absolutely change your life.


Week 3: Taking Ownership Of Your Desires & Direction Of Your Life.

We Cover:

  • How to identify your true hearts desires instead of surface level wants.
  • How to use negative circumstances to fuel your desires and create your dream life.
  • How to give yourself permission to WANT MORE and then CLAIM IT in your life.
  • How to create an epic vision for your life and set exciting goals.
  • How to get into alignment with your goals, dreams and desires to bring them into reality with ease!


Week 4: Harness Your Feminine Energy For Vibrant Confidence That Turns Heads!


We cover:

  • How to tune into your sensuality as a woman and connect to your body.
  • How to embrace your inner goddess and unleash your creativity!
  • How to create from a space of pleasure and ease, instead of stress and frustration.
  • How to flow through life with ease, fun and be receptive to inspired idea's and actions!
  • Best practices for tuning into your sensuality and feminine power for a deeper connection to your higher self.
  • How to listen to your intuition and know when you are being guided from within.


Week 5: It pays to PLAY


it's time to ramp up the FUN in your life!


We cover:

  • How to easily introduce more fun and play into your life every day.
  • How to connect with your inner child and discover what she really craves and desires.
  • Why the vibration of play is crucial in creating an extraordinary life and how to tune in daily!
  • How to get out of a rut and stuck energy by playing more in life.
  • Create your personal go-to "play" list.


Week 6: Happiness & The Law Of Attraction.


We cover:

  • 8 Powerful Law Of Attraction lessons.
  • Deepen your understanding of the law of attraction and how it works in your life.
  • How to use the law of attraction to get what you want every day! (Manifest anything from the perfect parking space to your dream vacation!)
  • What being HAPPY has to do with the law of attraction and how to harness your happiness to transform your life now!


Week 7: Your Life Purpose


We cover:

  • Discover what you're REALLY here to do in your life time.
  • Gain CLARITY on the direction of your career or business.
  • How to take the leap and finally go all in with your dream to impact the world!
  • How to get paid to be YOU and do what you love all day everyday, settle for nothing less!
  • How to create your dream business around your lifestyle and experience more FREEDOM in your life!
  • Walk away with an action plan to pursue your life purpose!


Week 8: Stepping Into Your Greatness.


It's time to unleash the greatness within you!

We end this program with a BANG!


We cover:

  • How to step into the STAR of your life EVERYDAY!
  • How to create a successful self image that manifests your dream reality for you!
  • How to show up to life as the empowered, divine, confident goddess that you are, starting now!
  • How to bring all the lessons together to become the most BADASS version of you, shine so bright that people better have their shades at the ready!
  • How to create an epic alter ego that slays! Beyonce has Sacha Fierce, right, now you're going to have one too!
  • How to banish fear, doubt and worry and continue being the most queenly version of you, every day!



As you can see this is a deeply transformational program and suitable only for women who are READY to take responsibility and ownership of their happiness and their life!


You know this is for you if:


  • You are flexible in your mindset and are open to spirituality.


  • You are coachable, meaning you are willing to participate and be coached by me, then make the necessary changes in your mindset and life.


  • You feel like you have a connection with myself and this program. Feeling/vibration is everything. You will KNOW if you're meant to be in this program.


  • You must be serious about your transformation and going for your dreams!


  • You must be ready to drop victimhood, thinking and playing small and be ready to take responsibility for your health, wealth, happiness and direction of your life.


  • You must be ready to BECOME THE STAR OF YOUR LIFE once and for all!


It's all in your hands, divine creator!


Are you ready??


Let's do this!

The Details:

  • 8 Weekly Live Immersive Teaching & Coaching Session every Thursday 5.30pm BST/ 12.30 ET  ($8000 value)
  • Direct & unlimited access to me as your mindset coach for the entire 8 weeks with private voice messaging. ($8000 value)
  • Private FB group for immersive manifesting & magic energy with your fellow sisters. ($1000 value)
  • Every coaching call recorded and uploaded to members area for lifetime access. (Priceless!)
  • ** BONUS FOR THE NEXT 3 PEOPLE ** 60 Minute Clarity & Alignment 1-2-1 intensive. It's time to get unstuck and super clear about what you truly desire to create throughout our 8 weeks together!


We start on is July 26th 2018: 5.30pm BST/ 12.30pm ET

This is a very intimate group experience and spaces are strictly limited.

If you know you are meant to do this then I invite you to join us now by choosing one of the following options:

Your Investment:


 Payment Plan 6 x $555.55

Pay 3 x $1111

Pay $3333 Here:


Or if you would like to have a discovery call before joining then shoot me a quick email below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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About Carly:

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Carly is a Hula Hoop Queen turned Online Entrepreneur, her passion for hula hooping led her to building a business teaching others how to get fit with the hoop!  She has appeared on National Television and UK Radio and has in excess of 120,000 views on her Youtube channel. 

Carly was led to online business after discovering how many women were sharing her struggles in dealing with depression and anxiety. Starting out with a dream to teach women all over the world how to hula hoop to look and feel better through her online course, she was led to the world of online coaching.

This seemed like a perfect fit as she grew and evolved her business online. 

Throughout this time Carly began intensely studying the Law of Attraction as a way to attract more money and opportunities into her business, but as a result, discovered that the principles of the Law of Attraction held the key to her recovery and healing of persistent anxiety, low moods and depression. 

Over time Carly discovered that she was able to Create Her Own Reality from the inside out by focusing on feelings of love, joy, happiness and abundance which led her to living a joyful life with her 3 boys, whilst serving people all over the world within her wildly successful program "30 Day Of Happy” and fulfilling her dream of world travel!

Now Carly is on the path to impacting millions of people around the world, and empowering them to stop settling for less than what they truly desire in life, while educating them with the tools and understanding of how they too, can create their own outstanding reality!

Trust me when I say :


Follow Your Heart


I look forward to leading you through this transformation.


Much love,

Carly xx