NEVER put yourself down again!

Have you ever noticed how insidious our brains can be? That voice in our head like the devil on our shoulder or the inner bully who is SO god damn hard on us.

“This won’t work”
“Remember you failed in the past”
“People are going to think you’re weird”
“People will laugh at you”
“No one cares”

That’s one I hear a lot “No one cares”… it seems as though any time I go to do something that I’m passionate about, that I know will help people solve their problems, this little voice in head says “But no one cares Carly” and then I get this sinking feeling in my stomach like, oh yeah, what’s the point in even trying because no one gives a shit anyway. No one is going to listen or invest in your thing, why even try?

Somewhere along my life I picked up, or created the story that no one cares! 

But what really lies underneath that story is “I’m not good enough” “I’m scared that I will be rejected”

I want acceptance and love as much as the next person.

I want validation.

I want to create something and for it to be a sell out success the first swing of the bat. (Even though I’m now onto the 200th swing of the bat)

In the past 24 hours I felt myself spiral into an old negative thought pattern that goes a little some thing like this:

“What the hell am I even doing?”
“Who am I?”
“What do I do?”
“Maybe I should do something different”
“I’m not good enough/qualified enough/have enough experience for this”

Oh yeah Carly, good one!

11 years of intense daily study, plus your own personal journey, transformation, plus working with clients and friends to transform their business and life still isn’t good enough for you?

If that’s not good enough then what the hell ever will be?

Oh that’s right… you want OTHERS to validate you.

You want other people to tell you how great you are…

What about the fact your client said she wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for you.
What about the fact your friend said you transformed their life and it wouldn’t be where it is now without your help.
What about the fact you’re raising 3 young children ON YOUR OWN and still releasing programs, creating content and doing the inner self love work.

When will it ever be good enough for you?
When are you finally going to accept that you were born for this?
When are you going to see that your whole life has been building towards this, that everything you’ve been through, every mistake and every triumph have made you the person you are today with the dreams, the desires, the big vision for your life.

When will it ever be good enough?

Do you want to be dragged through the mud some more? Do you want to prove yourself more? Do you want more challenges, more obstacles just so you can prove to … whoever the fuck it is.. that you’re finally good enough, finally worthy enough to do what’s in your heart.

To lead others to their truth, to share your story, to speak your message, to sing, to create, to perform, to be the shining star you were born to be.

When will it ever be enough?

Because the truth is.. it’s been there all along.

You’ve always been good enough.

You’ve always been talented enough and WORTHY, so god damn worthy.

But you couldn’t see it, you could only see why you were a big fat failure and how… no one cares.

The thing is, that you get to decide when it’s time. You get to decide when it’s time to live out the vision of your life. You could have done it last year, or 10 years ago. It was all there inside of you.

You can also wait 20 years if you want to?

But I don’t think you do… I think you’re ready now.

I think you’re just pissed off enough at your own bullshit.

I think you know too much now.

I think you’re ready to explode on to the scene.

to claim your place..

to claim your vision..

To get the fuck on with it NOW.

Because it’s going to be a hell of a ride, it’s going to be thrilling, exciting, messy, fun, disappointing, excruciating at times… but at least…

AT LEAST… you’re being true to your vision.

At least you can look yourself in the eye, even if you are battered a bruised, tired and weak.

At least you’re not wasting away.

Dying with your music still inside as Wayne Dyer would say.

At least you will be leaving your mark on this world so that when you’re not here anymore…

Your legacy lives on, through your children and grandchildren.

Gone but never forgotten.

That’s the dream.

That’s the vision.

To make a difference.

Gone but never forgotten.

To make my children proud.

To show them the truth.

To listen to their own guidance.

To love themselves fully.

That’s why I even created 30 days of happy.

This is what I want my children to know, to study, to live by. If they choose of course.

They have their own path just as you have YOUR own path and I bet if you’re reading this right now you needed to hear it too.

You have a legacy to leave behind.

You have a vision to live out.

You have gifts to express, to make this world a better place.

You’re worthy now and you don’t need anyones permission to be great, to speak your truth and live your vision.

Do it now, you’re ready.

If you need to turn up your confidence, self belief, motivation and turn down the negative chatter that tries to hold you down then take a look at 30 Days Of Happy, it’s my proudest creation to date.

Much love,
Carly xo

10 Lessons My Millionaire Mentors Taught Me About Manifesting Money!

Over the past several years I have worked with the top multi millionaire mentors in marketing, mindset, manifesting, online business and success! I LOVE learning about manifesting money and I love surrounding myself with people who are successful both inside and out. (I can sniff out people who have achieved financial success but are dead inside and I avoid them like the plague, true story). 

I felt inspired to share with you what I have spent years of my life, thousands of pounds and a lot of energy learning and applying! Are you ready?!

1. It’s not about the money - A tad paradoxical I know but this is something that is important to understand. Money is just a tool for you have be, do or have something. It’s an exchange, it’s like a promissory note - what you really want is the feeling of freedom and expansion. But if you take that a step further ask yourself “freedom from what?”.

We think that money will solve the feelings of lack, anxiety or scarcity within ourselves but it’s simply not true. You can have lots of money and still be stressed, depressed and unhappy. You can have an abundance of money and be trapped in a relationship or unpleasant situation. 

So understand that what you really desire is the freedom and fulfilment that you believe money will offer you. Guess what - you can achieve that BEFORE you have the manifested money. As you begin to relax and feel abundance unconditionally, money will flow - it’s universal law - like attracts like. What you feel you manifest. 

2. A goal is just a sign post NOT the end destination - The goal of £10,000, £20,000, £100,000 are just markers on the direction of your ever evolving desires. Goals and just sign posts of who you are becoming, what level you are playing at in life, how much fun, flow and happiness you are allowing in your life! The real fulfilment and richness comes from the process of who you become on your way to your goals.

3. You get what you believe  - If you believe that money flows to you easily and effortlessly every day that will become your reality. If you believe that you never have enough, money is scarce, there’s not enough to go around then that will be your reality. The law of attraction is fair, it will ALWAYS give you what you are a match to!

4. Visualise - One of my mentors said that he used to imagine gold pouring down all around him as he was walking down the street. He also made us visualise the success of our program launches. Visualising is a great way to feel your desires as already done, therefore achieving vibrational harmony with them! If you struggle to visualise try writing out your perfect situation and then re-reading it often!

5. Affirm - This has to be the no.1 recurring message throughout all the programs, coaches and mentors I have worked with. Writing your statements of desires as if they are already done. “I am rich” “I receive money with ease” “I am successful” etc

Or one of my favourites not related to money - “Gorgeous men love to date me” haha!

The thing with affirmations is that you’re re-wiring your brain to receive your desires results, you are shifting your focus from your current reality, current results to the results that you desire. Repetition is key, so have your affirmations as alarms on your phone, as your phone screen back ground, written in your home where you see it all the time, write them out several times in the morning and evening. It’s about immersing yourself in your desired outcome.

6. Take inspired action - Ok I hear people say this all the time, you have to take inspired and I agree! The key to this is being receptive to the inspired idea’s that will prompt the action. It’s about shifting your vibration first so that they new thoughts and ideas will flow to you. If you have been stuck in your life then you’re on a certain vibrational level that keeps repeating the same circumstances. The KEY is to move up the vibrational scale to fun, joy, happiness, abundance as much as possible. What will you be feeling once your desires have manifest? Will you be stressed out about money or will you be feeling free and expansive? Feel those feelings NOW and then you will be receptive to the new idea’s and impulses that allow you to receive the money that you desires. 

You should consider joining my program 30 Days Of Happy, I have designed it specifically to raise your vibration over 30 days so that you are receptive to the new idea’s impulses and have the confidence to take action on them. You receive a daily message and journaling exercises that shifts your vibration from stuck, frustrated and anxious to relaxed, abundant and happy! Which is required for your desires to manifest easily and quickly! 

7. Let it go - Listen up - when you are focused on a desire, say you want to manifest £10K, most of the time in thinking about the desire you are actually increasing the awareness of the LACK of it in your reality. So you are saying “I want £10K” but really what you’re saying is “I don’t have £10K” - does that make sense?

So this can keep us in a holding pattern because we will continue to receive that which we focus on, the universe doesn’t hear what we say, it hears what we mean. If you are feeling frustrated around money then you will receive more reasons to feel frustrated.

When you let go of the death grip on your desire and decide to focus on something else you release the resistance/holding pattern that is keeping it at arms length.

Try for a few days letting go of your desire and focusing on being present in the moment, what can you do today, right now to have more fun, feel playful and easy. Don’t you want your life and the unfolding of your desires to be easy?

I have included a bonus “30 ways to play as an adult” within my 30 days of happy program for suggested ways to be more playful in your life and raise your vibration!

8. Take a leap of faith - There is a reason why you want money right? You want to move house, you want to travel, luxury holiday or maybe invest in a coach or mentor you’re desperate to work with! Here’s what each and every mentor has taught me and what I apply in my own life.

You gotta take the leap of faith. Maybe you don’t have the FULL amount of money to do or have the thing but can you pay the deposit and trust that the rest will come? 

This takes faith, trust and belief in these universal laws but the way I see it - the money will be spent on something else anyway, right? So why not take control and choose to put energy (money) into the things that you really want in life? Stop saying you can’t afford it, stop saying it’s not possible for you!

If you really want it then say YES, put the investment in and trust that the rest will follow. I have done this countless times with travel and coaches/business investments and I’m still alive, I’m still here to tell the story, I still have a roof over my head and you will too! Take a leap of faith and transform your life if that’s what you’re being called to do!

9. Improve your self worth - This is everything. Do you feel worthy of having more money? Are you saying you want it but deep down you’re terrified incase you lose it, incase you can’t cope with it, incase you spend it on the “wrong” things or waste it?

A great affirmation for this is “I always make the right decisions” “Every penny I spend is returned to me 10 fold.”

You are worthy of everything you desire, if you can conceive it and believe it, you really will achieve it! Expand your mind and trust that universe will not give you a desire without the way for it to be fulfilled also! All you have to do is get into alignment, feel confident and worthy that you deserve abundance, you are ready to receive!

10. Get happy! - This is the biggest lesson by far - I’ve heard so many stories from mentors and people who they know who put all their time into building a multi million dollar business and then became burnt out, stressed and depressed. They were striving for success as a way to validate and fulfil themselves and when they achieved the goals that they presumed would somehow solve their problems or feelings of unhappiness, NOTHING HAPPENED. 

In fact they were now unhappy and working 80+ hours a week.

No thank you!

I believe that money definitely CAN make you happy and give you a level of comfort in your life that you absolutely deserve but when you do the inner work first, you get happy first then the unfolding of your riches are so much sweeter, you don’t need the money to be happy and free but it’s GREAT to have it!

Abraham Hicks says the perfect manifesting formula is to be satisfied with where you are and eager for more.

Doesn’t that sound so much better, easier than pushing against your current situation or striving to achieve something outside of yourself to be happy? You have access to happiness NOW and abundance NOW. The money you desire will come to you in easy and joyful ways when you relax and allow the path to unfold. It takes trust and faith, yes indeed but when you’re trusting you’re allowing.

Allowing all the feelings of wellbeing to flow and LIKE AND ATTRACTS LIKE. 

When you’re on the wavelength of wellbeing, peace, freedom then your physical circumstances reflect that in delightful ways.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you have been feeling stressed, anxious and frustrated in your life and are ready to let that shit go, raise your vibration and become the best version of you, the version of you who LIVES your manifested reality, who allows your desires to flow, unfold and manifest then my program 30 Days Of Happy is perfect for you.

You receive 30 daily messages and journaling exercise that will raise your vibration, break your current reality and allow the things you want to start flowing to you!

If you are within the first 20 people to sign up you will also receive a 1-2-1 coaching call with me valued at (£200) where we will break through your limitations and get you into alignment with your desires FAST. 

Using the processes I teach I have manifested :

- thousands of pounds
- soul aligned profitable business ideas.
- travel and an Abraham Hicks cruise
- Weight loss and confidence
- Self belief and visibility

I have also helped clients friends and family:
- Manifest money
- Manifest relationships
- Manifest a new home
- Manifest clients out of no where
- Grow into 10K months
- Feel more confident, successful and happy NOW.

Go to 30 Days Of Happy and sign up now for your enrolment work and 1-2-1 call!

Much love,
Carly xx

3 Ways To Get Unstuck & Create What You Truly Want…

When you’re stuck in life and can’t seem to move forward…

When you’re desperate to make a change for something to shift, to give way but you can’t seem to take that first step, you’re frozen in time and it’s like you’re glued to the life you’re currently living. You can’t see a way out, you can’t possible see how things could change, it just seems too hard. It seems totally impossible.

I have felt that way many times in my life, stuck in unhealthy relationships, stuck in an environment I don’t like, stuck in my business, stuck in routine, stuck in life.

I’m sure we all experience it from time to time and I definitely did, chronically for years! Things would change a little, but really it was like history just kept repeating itself. 

How do you really make a change and begin to loosen that adhesive that has you completely stuck, even when it seems hopeless??

Here are 3 powerful methods:

1. Focus on what you want…

Seems simple, right? But seriously the reason you stay stuck is because your focus is MORE on your current reality, your current circumstances than what you actually want to create. 

How much are you talking about what you need to change, how much are you talking negatively about your life and your circumstances? How much are you moaning about your life?

Bob Proctor asks a great question that goes a little something like this...

“Do you love money more than you hate poverty? Do you love health more than you hate sickness?” 

The point he’s making is that whatever you have strong focus on the universe will deliver to you … in abundance! So choose carefully!

You see we live in an inclusive universe that only hears “yes” the universe responds to what you’re focusing on. So if you’re focusing more on your LACK of money.. guess what you’re going to keep getting? Effectively you’re saying “yes” to more lack because you’re focusing on it!

If you’re focusing on the fact you have a regular income and feel really great about the fact you can spend money on what you choose then guess what… the universe is going to give you more of that! It’s hearing “yes” to appreciation and abundance and giving you more!

Now, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t switch from feelings of frustration and hopelessness about your situation to bouncing off the walls unicorn fucking magic HELL YES enthusiasm…

It doesn’t work like that.

Like building strength in ANY area of life it takes commitment and dedication (2 words that people often don’t like to hear) but you just have to suck it up lovely! You want it? This is how to get unstuck!

Which brings me to my next point….

2. Get a journal and EVERY MORNING before you start your day focus on what you WANT to create on purpose.

First thing in the morning just after you wake up is the best time to do your focus work because you’ve not experienced all the drama of the day! You can literally reset your thoughts every morning and direct them to start thinking thoughts that will help you create what you actually want in your life, instead of just repeating the same old BS that’s already happening.

Start general and just write statements like:

All is well
everything is working out as it should
I’m meant for big things in life
I’m improving every day
Life is unfolding perfectly
I’m now ready to receive what I truly want
I’m a good person
I’m worthy of good things by the very fact I’m alive
Abundance is everywhere
I choose to feel abundant
I have control over how I feel about any circumstance and I choose to feel good.

Get on a tangent and just let the words flow, it’s actually really fun and feels amazing!

3. Put yourself into the correct emotional state.

Here’s a quote by the one and only Tony Robbins:

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your body and mind is in."

- Tony Robbins

People who are in touch with their body, their health and physical well being are happier. PERIOD. You want to change your life? Then start acting differently, move your body, raise your vibration! 

Hoop dance is my no.1 way to get my body into a high vibration state. Hoop dance is literally a flow art, it’s also amazing exercise and is a form of playtime which, hello - as adults we’re seriously lacking!! Unless your form of playtime is drinking too much wine and binge eating which is NOT high vibration and is a great way to send your mindset into a negative spiral, fast!

My life truly started moving when I began moving and that’s the truth right there! Yes I was moving my body but also my mind. I chose to focus on what I wanted to create instead of all the reasons I was failing at life!

Sometimes I fall back into that old feeling of stuck-ness but luckily now I have these tools (which I have shared with you in this post) to help me quickly get back on track and focusing on what I’m creating my life continues to elevate and the positive manifestations just keep on coming!

Remember you are in control of your own life experience, you get to choose how you feel about any situation you’re currently facing or circumstance in your life YOU have the power to change but it all starts with the decision to focus differently.

The choice is yours, always!

Much love,
Carly xo

P.S  Ready to raise your vibration, have more playtime and unleash your inner goddess!! Check out Hoop Your Way Into Your Skinny Jeans Bootcamp designed to have you playing, smiling and having FUN!