3 Ways To Get Unstuck & Create What You Truly Want…

When you’re stuck in life and can’t seem to move forward…

When you’re desperate to make a change for something to shift, to give way but you can’t seem to take that first step, you’re frozen in time and it’s like you’re glued to the life you’re currently living. You can’t see a way out, you can’t possible see how things could change, it just seems too hard. It seems totally impossible.

I have felt that way many times in my life, stuck in unhealthy relationships, stuck in an environment I don’t like, stuck in my business, stuck in routine, stuck in life.

I’m sure we all experience it from time to time and I definitely did, chronically for years! Things would change a little, but really it was like history just kept repeating itself. 

How do you really make a change and begin to loosen that adhesive that has you completely stuck, even when it seems hopeless??

Here are 3 powerful methods:

1. Focus on what you want…

Seems simple, right? But seriously the reason you stay stuck is because your focus is MORE on your current reality, your current circumstances than what you actually want to create. 

How much are you talking about what you need to change, how much are you talking negatively about your life and your circumstances? How much are you moaning about your life?

Bob Proctor asks a great question that goes a little something like this...

“Do you love money more than you hate poverty? Do you love health more than you hate sickness?” 

The point he’s making is that whatever you have strong focus on the universe will deliver to you … in abundance! So choose carefully!

You see we live in an inclusive universe that only hears “yes” the universe responds to what you’re focusing on. So if you’re focusing more on your LACK of money.. guess what you’re going to keep getting? Effectively you’re saying “yes” to more lack because you’re focusing on it!

If you’re focusing on the fact you have a regular income and feel really great about the fact you can spend money on what you choose then guess what… the universe is going to give you more of that! It’s hearing “yes” to appreciation and abundance and giving you more!

Now, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t switch from feelings of frustration and hopelessness about your situation to bouncing off the walls unicorn fucking magic HELL YES enthusiasm…

It doesn’t work like that.

Like building strength in ANY area of life it takes commitment and dedication (2 words that people often don’t like to hear) but you just have to suck it up lovely! You want it? This is how to get unstuck!

Which brings me to my next point….

2. Get a journal and EVERY MORNING before you start your day focus on what you WANT to create on purpose.

First thing in the morning just after you wake up is the best time to do your focus work because you’ve not experienced all the drama of the day! You can literally reset your thoughts every morning and direct them to start thinking thoughts that will help you create what you actually want in your life, instead of just repeating the same old BS that’s already happening.

Start general and just write statements like:

All is well
everything is working out as it should
I’m meant for big things in life
I’m improving every day
Life is unfolding perfectly
I’m now ready to receive what I truly want
I’m a good person
I’m worthy of good things by the very fact I’m alive
Abundance is everywhere
I choose to feel abundant
I have control over how I feel about any circumstance and I choose to feel good.

Get on a tangent and just let the words flow, it’s actually really fun and feels amazing!

3. Put yourself into the correct emotional state.

Here’s a quote by the one and only Tony Robbins:

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your body and mind is in."

- Tony Robbins

People who are in touch with their body, their health and physical well being are happier. PERIOD. You want to change your life? Then start acting differently, move your body, raise your vibration! 

Hoop dance is my no.1 way to get my body into a high vibration state. Hoop dance is literally a flow art, it’s also amazing exercise and is a form of playtime which, hello - as adults we’re seriously lacking!! Unless your form of playtime is drinking too much wine and binge eating which is NOT high vibration and is a great way to send your mindset into a negative spiral, fast!

My life truly started moving when I began moving and that’s the truth right there! Yes I was moving my body but also my mind. I chose to focus on what I wanted to create instead of all the reasons I was failing at life!

Sometimes I fall back into that old feeling of stuck-ness but luckily now I have these tools (which I have shared with you in this post) to help me quickly get back on track and focusing on what I’m creating my life continues to elevate and the positive manifestations just keep on coming!

Remember you are in control of your own life experience, you get to choose how you feel about any situation you’re currently facing or circumstance in your life YOU have the power to change but it all starts with the decision to focus differently.

The choice is yours, always!

Much love,
Carly xo

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You HAVE to start telling yourself that you are fucking gorgeous.

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, looked yourself straight in the eye and said “ (YOUR NAME) YOU ARE FUCKING GORGEOUS, YOU ARE ONE SEXY BITCH!!”.???

If not then I want to ask, why the hell not?!

Although I know the answer to that question…

 It’s big headed, right? It’s vain to tell yourself that you’re a sexy bitch, that you’re a goddess? Only people who love themselves would say such a thing…

It feels wrong, it feels arrogant, plus you just outright don’t believe it, you would be lying to yourself.

Well what the hell is wrong with loving yourself anyway? What is wrong with OWNING who you are, DECIDING that no matter what, you are fucking gorgeous RIGHT NOW.

I personally think it’s outrageous for us women to NOT be telling ourselves that each and every day. To be waiting for our man, our friends, followers on freaking social media to compliment us, to validate us!

You have to start seeing, focusing, dwelling upon your beauty RIGHT NOW. If you can’t find it then look fucking closer.

You get to choose and decide that you are a fucking goddess. You get to make that decision for yourself REGARDLESS of what anyone else might say, think or perceive you to be.

Often we THINK people are thinking horrible things about us when in actual fact they are too busy thinking horrible things about themselves.

Your body, your presence, the way you show up in this world, the way you hold yourself is DIRECTLY related to how fucking gorgeous you think you are. 

Stop looking for confidence, for validation for LOVE outside of yourself. The only person who can really truly give you a long lasting, steady supply of love and security is YOU and when you do…

Watch how your man’s eyes light up when you enter the room, watch how the compliments from onlookers come rolling in “You look radiant” “You’re glowing” “Have you changed your hair”?

NOPE. I just decided I was ENOUGH right now and WORTHY.

Worthy of love, worthy of compliments, worthy of wearing what makes me feel beautiful, worthy of taking care of my body, my health, worthy of putting ME first.

People will want to know your secret, they will want to know how much struggle and effort it took for you to transform, how much you had to sacrifice.

When all along, you just decided that you are worthy, you are beautiful now, the validation you needed came from within and you gave yourself permission to have it all, to be fully YOU and to show up as woman you really want to be.

Start telling yourself what you really want to hear and stop repeating the comments, the insults, the put downs that were given to you from unhappy, insecure people. You don’t have to keep living their story, you don’t have to allow them to keep you caged. BE YOU. Express who you are, unapologetically and for fuck sake, start telling yourself you are fucking GORGEOUS NOW!!!

If you’re ready to unleash your inner goddess then check out “Hoop Your Way Into Your Skinny Jeans Bootcamp” give yourself permission to achieve the health, the confidence, the body that you really WANT. No excuses!!

Much love,

Carly xo


Life Is Precious: 5 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest In 2017

Life is precious...

What's in the past can't be changed and what lies ahead is never certain...

So I say plan for the future as if it's the last year of your life (pretty sinister, but let's face it... it could be!)

Don't waste another minute worrying about what might happen or regretting anything from the past, it's such a waste of energy! Instead let's get EXCITED for 2017 and make this year the most adventurous yet... you in?

1. Write a list of 30 goals that excite the F*ck out of you...

This doesn't mean you have to achieve them ALL in 2017 but you can certainly circle your top 2/3 and get to work on making them happen. Look at your list first thing as you wake in the morning and last thing before going to sleep and visualise yourself doing/having those things. If nothing else it's just feels good to dream!

Something beautiful happens when you write down your 30 exciting goals.. you begin noticing things, synchronistic events, opportunities that you just didn't see before. It's like all of a sudden you are being led in the direction of your dreams, pretty amazing!

2. Start spending your money on YOU...

I officially give you permission to treat yourself like the most precious person on earth, because guess what... YOU ARE!!

When you invest in your own self care it feels amazing, you feel nurtured, supported and loved and when you feel like that it sends out a powerful message to the universe that says "more please".

I'm not saying that you should start throwing money around like confetti, you don't want to spend money on yourself and then feel guilty because that also sends out a powerful message to the universe that says "more please".

I find the most rewarding ways for me to invest in myself is usually things like bath bombs from Lush, a new journal, something beautiful for my home that I can look at every day or a nice scarf. 

Dedicate more time to nurturing yourself this year and feeling the badass that you are!

3. Discover your untapped potential. 

If you don't want to repeat the same year again then start DOING things differently. Explore different hobbies or classes that interest you. Try something that you never thought you could do before or that makes you feel like "I wish I could do that" - it's up to you to turn "I wish" to " I can do that!". You never know the untapped potential and talents that lie dormant within you RIGHT NOW! It's time to discover them, there's a whole world of happiness just waiting!

If you're looking for something amazing to try check out the Hoop Your Way Into Your Skinny Jeans Online Bootcamp - I know you'll love it!

4. Have a style overhaul...

This is one of my personal favourites!!

How we dress and style ourselves speaks VOLUMES about how we FEEL about ourselves and sometimes in order to change how you feel you need to just decide that you're going to start living as the "new you" like, right now.

You know what I'm talking about.. the 'you' that is waiting on the other side or losing the weight, or meeting the new man, or getting the new job, having the successful business etc, etc.

Think about how you will feel when you finally achieve that goal, how you will show up in the world, how you will dress, how you will wear your make up, will you be more daring, sexy, feminine? START NOW.

Become that person NOW and then watch how the universe supports you in achieving everything you've dreamed of!

(Oh and if you need some inspiration get on Pinterest and create a board called "This is me" and begin pinning the styles you love, make up styles, hair styles etc with no holds barred! Look at it daily and the inspiration will soon come to start wearing it in real life!)

5. Be more playful!

I'm so passionate about this one - most people are adulting FAR too much and then just living in a cycle or stress and unhappiness.

It doesn't have to be that way!!

Your inner child has never left you, remember when you were young and you used to LOVE drawing or creating necklaces from beads or doing handstands and cartwheels? Well, she's still in there and bored shitless.

Here's the thing, life is supposed to be FUN, life is supposed to be easy and I know there are difficult and horrific things happening in the world but as the saying goes..

"You can't get sick enough to help the sick person, you can't get poor enough to help the poor person, you can't get depressed enough to help the depressed person"

The only way you can help anyone, including yourself is to decide to start loving yourself NOW. Be happy NOW. Then, you have so much more to give.

You're allowed to have fun, you're allowed to be silly and playful and light hearted and I highly encourage it, you will radiate beauty from the inside out when you start having more fun. Try it and see for yourself!

Much love,

Carly xo

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