Life Is Precious: 5 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest In 2017

Life is precious...

What's in the past can't be changed and what lies ahead is never certain...

So I say plan for the future as if it's the last year of your life (pretty sinister, but let's face it... it could be!)

Don't waste another minute worrying about what might happen or regretting anything from the past, it's such a waste of energy! Instead let's get EXCITED for 2017 and make this year the most adventurous yet... you in?

1. Write a list of 30 goals that excite the F*ck out of you...

This doesn't mean you have to achieve them ALL in 2017 but you can certainly circle your top 2/3 and get to work on making them happen. Look at your list first thing as you wake in the morning and last thing before going to sleep and visualise yourself doing/having those things. If nothing else it's just feels good to dream!

Something beautiful happens when you write down your 30 exciting goals.. you begin noticing things, synchronistic events, opportunities that you just didn't see before. It's like all of a sudden you are being led in the direction of your dreams, pretty amazing!

2. Start spending your money on YOU...

I officially give you permission to treat yourself like the most precious person on earth, because guess what... YOU ARE!!

When you invest in your own self care it feels amazing, you feel nurtured, supported and loved and when you feel like that it sends out a powerful message to the universe that says "more please".

I'm not saying that you should start throwing money around like confetti, you don't want to spend money on yourself and then feel guilty because that also sends out a powerful message to the universe that says "more please".

I find the most rewarding ways for me to invest in myself is usually things like bath bombs from Lush, a new journal, something beautiful for my home that I can look at every day or a nice scarf. 

Dedicate more time to nurturing yourself this year and feeling the badass that you are!

3. Discover your untapped potential. 

If you don't want to repeat the same year again then start DOING things differently. Explore different hobbies or classes that interest you. Try something that you never thought you could do before or that makes you feel like "I wish I could do that" - it's up to you to turn "I wish" to " I can do that!". You never know the untapped potential and talents that lie dormant within you RIGHT NOW! It's time to discover them, there's a whole world of happiness just waiting!

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4. Have a style overhaul...

This is one of my personal favourites!!

How we dress and style ourselves speaks VOLUMES about how we FEEL about ourselves and sometimes in order to change how you feel you need to just decide that you're going to start living as the "new you" like, right now.

You know what I'm talking about.. the 'you' that is waiting on the other side or losing the weight, or meeting the new man, or getting the new job, having the successful business etc, etc.

Think about how you will feel when you finally achieve that goal, how you will show up in the world, how you will dress, how you will wear your make up, will you be more daring, sexy, feminine? START NOW.

Become that person NOW and then watch how the universe supports you in achieving everything you've dreamed of!

(Oh and if you need some inspiration get on Pinterest and create a board called "This is me" and begin pinning the styles you love, make up styles, hair styles etc with no holds barred! Look at it daily and the inspiration will soon come to start wearing it in real life!)

5. Be more playful!

I'm so passionate about this one - most people are adulting FAR too much and then just living in a cycle or stress and unhappiness.

It doesn't have to be that way!!

Your inner child has never left you, remember when you were young and you used to LOVE drawing or creating necklaces from beads or doing handstands and cartwheels? Well, she's still in there and bored shitless.

Here's the thing, life is supposed to be FUN, life is supposed to be easy and I know there are difficult and horrific things happening in the world but as the saying goes..

"You can't get sick enough to help the sick person, you can't get poor enough to help the poor person, you can't get depressed enough to help the depressed person"

The only way you can help anyone, including yourself is to decide to start loving yourself NOW. Be happy NOW. Then, you have so much more to give.

You're allowed to have fun, you're allowed to be silly and playful and light hearted and I highly encourage it, you will radiate beauty from the inside out when you start having more fun. Try it and see for yourself!

Much love,

Carly xo

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